The True Career or Education Path for YOU – A Route to Self-Respect

I know what it is to lose one’s self-respect when you do not know and follow the career or education/career path that is right for you. For seven years I worked as a consultant developing documentation and promotional materials for high tech companies. I was making a lot of money, BUT, every day I knew this was not something that is right for me, though I wasn’t sure what was. I was unable to find the path that was truly MY path, and lost some self-respect (not even telling people what I did for a living, because I knew I was not getting the satisfaction and sense of fulfillment I truly desired from the work I was doing). Is this true for you or someone you know?

When I discovered the right career path I truly soared into a new realm of joy, happiness and self-respect – and everyone knew what I was doing, I was proud of the path I was taking.

I have personally delivered the consultation to hundreds and hundreds of people over the last seven years. And I NOW deliver this life changing consultation program to anyone, anywhere in the world, either in person or via SKYPE.

I delivered the Foundations of Brilliance program to the above four people on a recent trip to Russia. E.ach had their own reasons for receiving the consultation, but a common denominator was they wanted the self-respect that comes with knowing the right path to take in their work or studies. Two were very successful business owners, one an executive and one student. They each found the career/education path that was right for them.


Some Shameless Self Promotion

“I really want to acknowledge Bernard for his incredible brilliance in assisting me … It was one of the most exhilarating experiences I’ve had… So validating, so spot on, so freeing! … I peeled away layers of “fog” in the way of my identifying FOR MYSELF what was true for me… Bernard was a true maestro in directing me through the process, taking one step at a time and ensuring I stay focused. He was so instrumental in helping pull it all together with his incredible ability to perceive, guide and name it!” ~ P.G.

“This was a very needed action in my life since I have been ‘’lost’’ for several years in trying to find my way. After having been successful at my last endeavor … I have been vacillating about my next business to get into.

“I feel that the work that I have done on this Foundations of Brilliance program with Bernard Percy has given me a very strong foundation to pursue the RIGHT FULFILLING PATH for myself.” ~ MM


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You can contact Bernard directly at, or call him at 323-804-5113 or Skype address is bernardpercy.


May the very best be the very worst you know!



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