Tanii Carr ~ How could I have not seen this? How could I have not known?

It’s not that my life was bad. In fact, I’ve had a wonderful and rewarding life. The fact remains that as I approach the final third of this lifetime, I’m still not sure how to align my abilities, talents, passions, purposes, and career choices so that I can get a financial exchange for things that I would, in truth, do for free!

As I’ve looked at my abilities and skills, it has seemed to me-until very recently-that I had to make choices between these things in order to know what career path or work I should pursue. I needed to choose between being a writer OR a singer OR a public relations person OR.. you get the idea. Since I want the rest of my life to be meaningful and be rich with contributions to improving conditions, it has become more important to me to confront this area than at earlier times. And I suspect that this personal “push” is what resulted in a “chance meeting” (sure..) with my old friend Bernard Percy while I was waiting for the van to take me to the airport in Tampa a couple of months ago. In short order, Bernard told me about the Brilliance program and from that moment I was determined to do it because I knew it would help me sort out what I want to be when I grow up (may the “growing up” part never happen-may I always remain a child at heart).

I subsequently did the program, and both the experience itself and what has happened since have been of profound importance to me. As Bernard noted, of the several hundred people with whom he has done the consultation, no two people have expressed their personal purposes exactly the same. I was no exception. And when I discovered “it,” I was moved to tears because not only was this my personal purpose, but instead of seeing my choices as diverse, I saw all my abilities and talents, passions and unique qualities as a being, part of the accomplishment of that singular purpose. I was no longer divided or puzzled. Everything that says “me” all had a place in the accomplishment of my purpose. So the consultation itself was deeply personal and meaningful.

What has occurred since then is equally important, as I have been meeting people of diverse backgrounds (but mostly the arts, and specifically music) in ways I could not have imagined.  I no longer question why certain opportunities have presented themselves; I just know that they are part of me being able to accomplish my goals and purposes.

I had questioned for years whether or not I really had any marketable skills (for those of you who know me, this will probably make you chuckle if not outright gasp..”what?!”). I had made it a practice to earn money doing the things I am least good at, preferring to “give away” all those artistic products that I had created. Since working with Bernard, I had a renewed interest in writing (I had never called myself a “writer”). I found someone who needed some writing done and was asked to provide some samples of my prior work. When I started looking, I discovered that I had been doing successful and high-quality writing work for over 30 years! No “opinion,” but fact and there was all this evidence in front of me! Good grief! How could I have not seen this? How could I have not known?

And then there was me being asked to sing at my recent 50-year high school class reunion, being accompanied by a world-class jazz pianist friend from high school. I did a jazz piece and performed as I had never before done (at least not in public) to the amazement and delight of the crowd. And while I don’t think I want to start touring as a jazz singer, being confident in my ability to spread my artistic wings allowed me to renew a thread in my life that I would likely not have been able to renew had I not communicated through my art. This path definitely complements my personal purpose and I’m excited to where it will lead knowing that wherever it leads will be good and helpful.

There have been other wins, but I want to leave you with this suggestion: Whether you are old or young (what a great gift for a young adult just starting out), certain of your goals or not, there is much to be gained from finding out more about this program.

Good luck to you all!!

    Tanii Carr


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