Is there something stopping you from achieving your goals ?

“This is the first time I was able to actually look at my abilities and talents; things I’ve been doing for years, yet I thought they were not worth mentioning. I can see clearly now I am influencing millions of people. The specific questions and your acknowledgments have taken away the feeling of being invalidated – the feeling that sometimes hovers over me.

“I’ve just completed Part 3 of the Foundations of Brilliance program and I now know exactly what I need to do to achieve my purpose and the exact career path to take me there. I can move smoothly, without any stops, to the end result of this brilliant program. I did a plan for my life before, but that plan of mine was like a cumbersome machine, which was hard to operate. With your expert guidance, I now have a precise and simple program yet it encompasses all what I really want to do and have endeavored to achieve for myself and for others; and aligned every activity that I have been doing over the years. This program truly serves its name – The Foundations of Brilliance. I’m totally satisfied with the result!

“Thank you for your professional consultancy.”

My great appreciation,

Giang P., Vietnam


Do you lack confidence in yourself ?

“At first I wasn’t sure what I am going to do later on or where it will lead me. What I really like to do was rather subconscious and not clearly visible to me. Towards the end of the consultation it emerged, though, and I became more and more aware of what I really want, … I also realized who I am. Not that I didn’t have a clue before, but it became more and more real to me, and I feel it strengthened my self confidence.”

Martin, Germany


Do you know which path to take ?

“From doing this wonderful program I feel confident and happy that I know what direction I am moving toward for my future. I don’t feel like I am wasting my time anymore because I know where I want to go.”

Virginia P., Los Angeles, California



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Are you pursuing your goals ?

“A great educator is one who can motivate their student to want to achieve greatness. An even greater educator is one who can help one find their area of interest and then help them map out their plan to achieve their own greatness.

“The Foundation for Brilliance program is absolutely what was needed and wanted by my son. After the first hour and a half my son told me that his life is now changed. He is so excited about pursuing his plan to achieve his goals. He surprised himself with his statement of his goals. I am very proud of him. I want to back him up 100% to help attain his goals and purposes. I feel honored and am simply thrilled with this result.”

Scott S., New York, NY

(The following was received 2 weeks after Ethan completed the program) “Ethan enrolled in a school yesterday to complete his high school diploma. He likes it and is there to finish quickly – but is apparently quite interested in learning. He is on the road – we both thank you for such a wonderful program.”


Are you wasting time ?

“WOW! Doing this is the best thing I have ever done. I have just saved myself from wasting five years of my life. I fully feel that I can reach the purpose of my life.”

Rasmus L., Award Winning Advertising Creative Director


Does your career give you a feeling of pleasure ?

“The Foundations of Brilliance program has summed up what I do and have been doing in life. That is what gives me real pleasure. Thank you very much Bernard for helping me find this purpose. The program is simple but very powerful. Everybody should do this.”

Ole S., Renowned Scientist



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Why am I here?

“Before I sat down and mapped out my purpose, talents and interests I was confused about how I could fit in this world doing what I love to do, Art!

“Now I have found that being an actress can help people by entertaining them, which happens to be something that I really want to do. I truly see that I can get to the point where I can awe people without worrying about what is going to be in the way. I have gotten past the settling point and on to the point where I want to be a role model to kids, through acting. I see that I am able to get through any problem so I can get to this goal I set for myself.”

Ashley, Sacramento, CA


Confused about your path in life?

” What did I get out of the Brilliance Program? A purpose!!! Which both surprised and amazed me. The program gave me clarification on some points that were running through my life without me being aware of them.

“It is a process that allows you to see yourself. It also helps you find what is good and right about yourself in a world that can constantly belittle who and what you are. It’s a process that is about ‘you’… a treat when we are so focused on others for such a large portion of our lives.

“Made me aware of ‘themes’ in me and further aware of the wishes of my past on my present – Thank you !”

Barb, Virginia


Bouncing around in life?

“This is actually the most energized I have felt for years. I have finally cleared up the reasons why I have been bouncing around in life and can do something about it and BE HAPPY, PRODUCTIVE and AESTHETIC for real. Wonderful job Bernard! Thank you.”

Tess, California


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What do you really want to do the rest of your life?

“This was the thing I had been looking for, for so long. The Brilliance Program was it. That’s what it was, it!!

“… I feel that my problems have been solved and I now have a purpose in life. Something I have needed for a long time. I’m no longer going to be waking up in complete disappointment or fear of my life going down the drain. I’m now going to wake up looking forward to life and looking forward to being in control of it. Thank you Bernard for basically giving me back the life that I lost.”

Georgia, Sydney, Australia