Pushed Against a Tree – A REMARKABLE Story

“Recognize the remarkable individuals in your life who help you envision a world far beyond yourself.” ― Bill Courtney

Bernard Teacher 1972The photo is of me with some of my students in 1972 – yes that is really me. Over the years I have met many remarkable individuals, Willie was one of the most remarkable.

Remarkable: notably or conspicuously unusual; extraordinary; worthy of notice or attention.

Willie was a remarkable character who had been one of my fifth-grade students. He was a very gentle, soft-spoken, hard working and basically shy person. My initial impression of Willie was when he first entered the room with a knock-knee, slight pigeon-toed walk, his head down as he very softly answered my questions. I thought I would probably have to “protect” Willie from being harassed by some of his classmates, especially big and burly Daryl (who at the start of the year seemed to enjoy playing the role of the class bully)

It was when I took my class on a picnic to Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York that Willie first amazed me. Daryl strutted over to Willie and began to shove him trying to get Willie to “fun fight.” Willie said softly that he didn’t want to as he was backing up to get away from Daryl. I knew I had to step in and stop things from going any further.

Before I could get to them, Daryl shoved Willie into a tree. At that point, Willie’s whole demeanor changed. He looked straight at Daryl and without any warning, grabbed Daryl, lifted him up and body slammed him to the ground, hard! Willie then turned and walked away in his slow gentle style, leaving Daryl stunned and me speechless. (This brief encounter with Willie helped Daryl decide that class bully was not the role he cared to play any more.)

Throughout the year Willie continued to amaze me in numerous ways.

I knew the aphorism, “Never judge a book by its cover.” It was Willie who brought this out of the realm of being a glib theoretical concept, into the arena of practical reality. It was Willie who helped me understand the importance of helping others discover what is truly remarkable about themselves.

Your choice for a career or educational path will be as successful as your willingness to be truly remarkable. Accurately evaluate how strongly and effectively you believe in what is remarkable about you. An interesting activity would be to determine what you believe is remarkable about you (or someone you know). Then, honestly determine how successful you (or they) are in being remarkable in your (or their) day-to-day work or studies.

If you know anyone who is struggling to learn how to find and lead a truly remarkable life, please have them contact Bernard Percy at bcpercy@sbcglobal.net, or call me at 323-804-5113.

With the certainty I can help others understand what is remarkable about themselves, and help them move in the direction that brings them the self-respect, sense of accomplishment and fulfillment that comes from making the right career or education choice.
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