Lee Eichenbaum

CEO & Co-Founder Foundations of Brilliance


Lee Eichenbaum was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in New Hyde Park, NY. Today, Lee and his wife Jane make their home in Rocking Horse Ridge in Orange, CA.  Their two children, Eric and Emily have completed the college educations and both have careers in their chosen fields of study and passion.

Lee received his Bachelor’s of Engineering, BEEE from the State University of New York at Stony Brook in 1981. His professional experience includes employment with Edison International, Dynegy Corp, Illinois Power and LK Comstock. Lee retired from his engineering profession in 2002 to complete his life’s work; educating and helping students of all ages.

Lee and Bernard were introduced in July of 2003 while attending the Grand Opening ceremonies at Applied Scholastics International in Spanish Lakes, MO. They were asked to speak at the convention and those that attended were asked to complete a survey and invited to write a success story if they were so inclined. Bernard and Lee were in awe of the AMAZING successes that had been written. Here began the Foundations of Brilliance and the successes continue to be just as AMAZING today!!! Students who were not interested in reading are now reading; those whose dreams were slipping away are once again pursuing their dreams. Those who had no idea what they wanted to do are well on their way to achieving their goals; and those who felt they had reached a ceiling in their career are now advancing to new heights.

Lee supports many humanitarian organizations; most dear to his heart is American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO), United States Youth Soccer (USYS), and Youth for Human Rights International.

Lee has seen the results of the destructive practice of falsely labeling our children with learning disorders, lack of aptitude or motivation. Since 1996, he has been a champion of the cause of informing parents and educators about learning disabilities and the effectiveness of L. Ron’s Hubbard’s Study Technology and educational philosophy. One of Lee’s greatest passions is to help children realize their goals and dreams; whether in the classroom, on the soccer field or in their chosen profession.

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