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Uncertain or unmotivated about your future?

“Thanks to you and the Brilliance program I was able to look at what I was doing and align my future. Things just seemed to be different in my thinking and I could make decisions that I couldn’t before and I feel great about that! I was also very aware of my mistakes in the past.”

(One month after receiving the program)

“I started college today and my whole feeling about myself changed, I suddenly feel more alive and know exactly where I want to go with this … it fits in with everything I always wanted to do and who I am!

“THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping me find my way again.”

Connie C., Melbourne, Australia

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Three Key Success Factors

Have you ever been asked any of the following questions and had no idea how to respond?

What do you want to be?
What do you want to do with your life?
Are you planning to go to college?
What are you going to major in?

These appear to be rather simple questions, yet how many students are not able to answer them?

The majority of students base their education and career decisions solely on what they are told they are good at and who they know. Are these the best ways to decide on your education and career?

How can you achieve the success that you always have envisioned?

The Foundations of Brilliance Educational Program is a private and confidential consultation that will help you decide on the best educational and career path for you. First we will help you discover your Three Key Success Factors. Then we help you align these factors with your goals to determine the best educational and career path for you. In the third part of the program we will assist you in developing a plan to achieve success in your chosen education and career path.  Additional consulting is always available as needed and wanted.

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Are you pursuing your dreams?

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Will you be successful, inspired & live up to your potential?

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Are you Confused, Uncertain or Lack Direction?

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Are you concerned about your Future?

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You can have success and fulfill your dreams.


Your journey to a brilliant future starts now!

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Brilliant Results

Brilliance – distinguished by unusual mental keenness, alertness, originality or resourcefulness.  [to shine or sparkle]

Do you lack direction or focus ?

“Since completing the Foundations of Brilliance Program in December I completely reorganized my life … I can say honestly it changed my life. I set some goals and got to work. I reorganized my schedule to allow for more homework (I know. . . crazy). I got through almost an entire school-year’s worth of work in five months. The great part was that I didn’t mind the work at all. I enjoyed all of it because it had a purpose.

“I am now doing what I love and can say that without this program I really wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Sam, age 17, Virginia, USA


Worried about the Future?

percy-students“My daughter has been interested in so many different things. After participating in the Foundations of Brilliance Program she was able to pick out a career that was best for her and has really taken off in that direction! This whole program has really handled the ‘worry for the future’ that moms have. I have certainty that she will do well and has a brilliant future! I am very happy! : )”

Robin R., Tustin, CA USA


Do you sometimes lack motivation ?

“I finally got the nerve up to go back. I’m going the Art Institute of Washington… I’m starting out by getting a associates in Video Production. I’m going to continue on afterwards for a second degree, but only after I’m done… When I did finally decide to go back, I did everything (the applications, placement tests, loan apps, etc) in record timing. I said I was going back and within 7 days later, I was sitting in orientation.

“So I just wanted to thank you for helping me figure what it was that would get me motivated. I’m moving again and I don’t plan on stopping until I am totally and completely done!”

Raina J., Washington DC. USA


Do you feel lost or frustrated ?

“Our son is a junior in high school and although a talented athlete, a smart fellow and a great person, over the last couple of years, his interest in academics has decreased while his frustration about his future has increased. The pressures to get “good grades” and to look good for college recruitment are mounting all the time.

“When Chris started the consultation to find his key success factors and brilliance plan, things began to change. After the first step, Chris had more initiative. After the second, he seemed to have a new kind of self-confidence and individuality emerging. And after the third, he showed us his work on the brilliance plan enthusiastically. His interest in school, in the meantime, seems to have increased and he does his homework with less effort.

“When a person really can look forward to a place in the world of his choosing, the world becomes a friendlier place to him or her.  The Foundations of Brilliance has our vote for making this possible for people everywhere.”

Susan & Duane S., La Crescenta, CA


Do you have a plan for college?

“I finally got a straightforward shot of what I want to be doing with my life. I really liked the feeling of being prepared, instead of going to college without a plan or purpose. The program helped me narrow down the choices that aligned with my Key Success Factors. I’m really glad I took advantage of my opportunity to do this program. I am really excited about my plans with entering the Sports Medicine field. This program is very fun, and easy, and also makes you feel good about yourself. I would recommend this to anyone, any age. If you want to get started towards doing something you are really passionate about, the Foundations of Brilliance program is there to help you.”

Chris, La Crescenta, CA


Not sure what to major in ?

“Liza quit college and wasn’t sure what she wanted major in and was planning on taking at least two years to figure that out. Within three hours of doing the program she knew!

“Liza has chosen what she wants to study. She is enrolling into a business school, a two-year study called Economy for Marketing. Here her fine math abilities and organizing fits in.

“This is really a fantastic program!!! THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hanne H., Copenhagen, Denmark


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