Ready to Rock this World ~ Joy Villa, International Singer and Songwriter

March 25th, 2014

“I enjoyed SO much our time together, it was just glorious, beautiful, and pure truth! Your admiration is so healing, wonderful, and life affirming!! It was like pealing back layers to truly discover my true self, and all the potential I have been activating. Now, I can feel the tug to REALLY activate all my skills, talents, and personality to rock this world!!

“Highly recommended for anyone who needs that firecracker under their butt to go after what they know they must: real life, energy, and a real clarity in who they are. It was not just a beautiful career kick started, but a WHOLE LIFE CHANGER! I couldn’t stop crying after realizing my TRUE purpose! Bernard, you are a miracle worker, and I am thrilled with this encouraging and amazing one on one!!!!

Tanii Carr ~ How could I have not seen this? How could I have not known?

July 13th, 2013

It’s not that my life was bad. In fact, I’ve had a wonderful and rewarding life. The fact remains that as I approach the final third of this lifetime, I’m still not sure how to align my abilities, talents, passions, purposes, and career choices so that I can get a financial exchange for things that I would, in truth, do for free!

Daniel Patrick from Rugby Player to Fashion Designer

January 25th, 2013

“Back in 2006 I did the Foundations of Brilliance program. At that time I had just completed the rugby season in Australia and was working out my plans for the future and what I wanted to do. My manager was working on my deal to go to France and play Rugby there and I had already started the motions to prepare for my visa. People were saying “you should go, you should go. It will be the experience of a lifetime” and I went along with it.

Daniel Patrick

Jeanne Powers ~ “I have 
found my place in this world.”

June 5th, 2012

“I found my own natural 
wit and discovered abilities I wasn’t aware of or had validated. I’ve 
always had a deep passion to write. I always compared myself to other 
writers and thought there was no way I could communicate like them. Well, I 
was right! I don’t communicate like them. The Brilliance 
Program unleashed a power in me from my core. I became unstoppable. It didn’t 
matter anymore what others might think of me. My universe emerged forth 
naturally, a gut feeling of my own brilliance and expression.