What is the Right Career for you?

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The Right Career Career Choice Specialists

The Right Career
Career Choice Specialists

How to Choose the Right Career

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How to Choose the Right Career

Your Unique Brilliance and the Three Key Success Factors

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Your Unique Brilliance

If Not Me, Who?

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I have worked with people across the globe, helping them to determine what is the educational and professional path that will bring them the happiness they want from their studies and work. I was recently in Moldova (formerly a part of Romania) delivering a talk on principles of motivation to members of the Democratic Leadership group in that country. I asked the group to define the word “duty”. A woman gave the best definition I have ever head: “If not me, WHO?

Ready to Rock this World ~ Joy Villa, International Singer and Songwriter

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“I enjoyed SO much our time together, it was just glorious, beautiful, and pure truth! Your admiration is so healing, wonderful, and life affirming!! It was like pealing back layers to truly discover my true self, and all the potential I have been activating. Now, I can feel the tug to REALLY activate all my skills, talents, and personality to rock this world!!

“Highly recommended for anyone who needs that firecracker under their butt to go after what they know they must: real life, energy, and a real clarity in who they are. It was not just a beautiful career kick started, but a WHOLE LIFE CHANGER! I couldn’t stop crying after realizing my TRUE purpose! Bernard, you are a miracle worker, and I am thrilled with this encouraging and amazing one on one!!!!

Finally, figure out what you really want to do with your life!

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The Brilliance Program

“Helping people find their Three Key Success Factors !!!”

Invitation to the …

“Earn the Money You Want,

Doing What You Love”


Special Guest Speaker: Ray Lepone


A common goal of individuals is to find their areas of brilliance and become confident and successful individuals – those who are Focused, Productive, and most of all Happy!
In this seminar you will learn the following:
  • The three key factors that must be known to ensure success?
  • How to achieve the success you have always envisioned?


New Year’s Resolutions: How to make them Stick!

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Many of those who have made New Year’s resolutions in the past have given up making those resolutions.  Why do so many resolutions go unfulfilled and unaccomplished?  What is missing is the certainty to make that resolution stick, they are made with a “YEAH BUT” mentality (it is bound not to work).

To make a resolutions stick requires a strong certainty you can make it stick. AND what do you need to have that certainty, you need knowledge to make things go right, you need to be able to take the responsibility to make things go right, you need the control to make things go right. If you are missing certainty on any one of these factors, you are bound to have a loss in making the resolution stick.

The True Career or Education Path for YOU – A Route to Self-Respect

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I know what it is to lose one’s self-respect when you do not know and follow the career or education/career path that is right for you. For seven years I worked as a consultant developing documentation and promotional materials for high tech companies. I was making a lot of money, BUT, every day I knew this was not something that is right for me, though I wasn’t sure what was. I was unable to find the path that was truly MY path, and lost some self-respect (not even telling people what I did for a living, because I knew I was not getting the satisfaction and sense of fulfillment I truly desired from the work I was doing). Is this true for you or someone you know?

College: “Major” Stress

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Take the Stress Out of Deciding on Your College Major

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” Lao Tze

There is one question you need to know before you take that “single step” – in which direction do you go?

Deciding on a college major is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. So how do you decide which step to take first? It appears rather simple, someone asks you “What do you want to Major in?”

What do you REALLY want to do with the rest of your life?

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