Bernard Percy


President & Co-Founder Foundations of Brilliance

Bernard Percy brings more than 35 years of experience in both public and private education to his roles as educator, author, lecturer, promoter of positive parenting and consultant to individual families and organizations. In a career characterized by his caring optimism and belief in the power of communication to nurture human potential, Bernard has touched the lives of tens of thousands of children, parents and teachers around the world.

Dear to his heart is The Foundations of Brilliance®, an educational and career consulting company he co-founded to help young people and adults discover their path in life and create the foundation to foster their brilliance. He is intensely involved in developing training materials for this program and personally delivers many workshops and seminars.

Building on the foundation of 14 years teaching elementary school in the New York City School System—during which he and six students created “How to Grow a Child”— and the Los Angeles Unified School District, Bernard has contributed his practical understanding of education to an amazingly diverse range of activities from personal family consulting to that of Co-founder and Editor in Chief of the award-winning Converge magazine for which he continues to write a regular column – Inspiration.

Published widely on parenting and education, including Recapturing Technology for Education: Keeping Tomorrow in Today’s Classrooms, Rowman and Littlefield; Help Your Child in School, Prentice-Hall The Power of Creative Writing, Prentice-Hall, Moments of Astonishment: On Becoming a Better Dad, Action Publishng (2009), and How to grow a Child – A Child’s Advice to Parents, Action Publishing (2009).

As a professional communicator, Bernard has lectured, presented at, facilitated and helped develop conferences, workshops and seminars on a variety of educational topics, both in the United States and internationally at such distinguished institutions as City University of New York, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Waseda University in Tokyo, and Moscow University. He has helped developed conferences for such organizations as the California Department of Education, Los Angeles and New York City school systems, for both K12 and higher education audiences.


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