Foundations of Brilliance

An International Career and Educational Consulting Company

A common goal of every person we have had the pleasure to work with is to find their unique areas of brilliance and become successful and inspired individuals – those who will apply what they know and pursue their dreams with passion.

The Foundations of Brilliance program achieves this goal by helping individuals discover and develop the unique brilliance that resides in them. It provides the foundation with which individuals can create and foster their brilliance, as well as challenge and inspire them.

Helen Keller commented, “One thing worse than not being able to see, is being able to see and having no vision.” Our vision is simply to help each individual find their foundations of brilliance; pursue a meaningful education and career and achieve true and lasting success.

We have found that the majority of the consultants and coaches focus only on talent and personality assessments and then tell you what to do with your life. One thing learned the hard way is that people do not need a coach or consultant telling them that they should be a doctor, an engineer or banker; or a butcher, baker or candlestick maker.  They have moms, dads and friends telling them that for free.  Education and Career Consulting should be a process of self-discovery, a time where you observe and discover  your qualities, interests and passions; a time for you to look at what you are doing, what effects that has on you today and tomorrow and based on these self-assessments decide on your personal journey to success and accomplishment.

percy-highfiveThe Foundations of Brilliance program is a private and confidential consultation that will help you decide on the best education and career path for you.  First we will help you discover your Three Key Success Factors.  Then we help you align these factors with your goals to determine the education and career path best suited for you.  In the third part of the program we will assist you in developing a plan to reach the goals you have set for yourself.  Additional consulting is always available as needed and wanted.

The Foundations of Brilliance program is for teenagers, those entering college or the work force; those interested in advancing their careers; some may be interested in a career change while others may be undecided about their future.

The range of people that participate in the Foundations of Brilliance program is quite expansive.  From a renowned scientist, to a leading clothes designer, to a college student ready to drop out of school, lee-studentto an award winning creative director, to a bright yet unmotivated 17 year-old student barely succeeding in school, to an author who lost his drive and energy, to a woman in her 60s ready for a career change, and on and on. All wanting to discover a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment they weren’t fully achieving in their current situations.

The Foundations of Brilliance program has been delivered to individuals in the U.S. and Canada; Denmark, Sweden and Holland; Germany, Hungary and Italy; Taiwan and Australia. No matter the cultural or economic background of people one thing they all have in common is the desire to work within their true areas of brilliance.


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