I Am Really Angry

I Am Really Angry

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” — Dr. Seuss

Their are three errers in this paragraph. Study it carefully and see if you can find all of them. (See the end of the article for my reason giving you this problem. Let me know if you find the errors.)

I am really angry, not a usual thing for me to communicate. A very close friend called me today, she has a novel she is writing and is so passionate about this book – it is the book she has been wanting to write for a “million years”. And she made a big mistake.

She asked someone to copy edit her book (i.e., looking for proper grammar, punctuation, spelling errors, etc.).  ​But t​he editor went beyond what she was asked to do, and couldn’t resist commenting (in a negative way) about the content, writing style, etc. My friend told me, “The editor took the wind out of my sails”.

I recently had someone make an unsolicited negative comment about one of my articles​. ​ I must admit it did very briefly ​take the wind our of my sails, even though I am so aware of this passion people have to negatively comment about someone’s creation to “help” their creative product “be better.”  This is done WITHOUT getting the creator’s agreement to hear their comments.

The photo below is of me (in that very stylish shirt) and my class, 43 years ago. When commenting on their creative works I would always do two things:

1- Get their TRUE agreement to allow me to comment on what they created.

2- I would NEVER invalidate what they created and tell them what they did was wrong. Once I had their agreement to comment, I would say, “If I had created this (whatever it was) here’s what I would have done, what do you think?” I always wanted them to maintain their own decisions, their own determinism, about their creative work.

PS 289 4th grade class
Just one negative comment and evaluation can result in someone “Letting the wind go out of their sails.” AND THAT MAKES ME VERY ANGRY!

Over the years I have worked with hundreds upon hundreds of people who gave up their willingness to create in some area of life because of some “well intended” person who only wanted to help – but who helped destroy the willingness of someone to create.

Have you or someone you know been the “victim” of such a “well intended” person.The Foundation of Brilliance has helped rekindle the creative dreams and spirit of numerous people we have worked with. If you know of someone who could use some rekindling, please have them contact me.

Did you figure out the answer to the above problem?

Two errors are obvious: “their” should be “there”; “errers” should be “errors”. BUT what is the third error?

There were really only two errors, and to give a clue that there are three errors, is the third error. So often we look, and look, and look for a solution, but do not see the obvious answer that is right in front of us. I can help you find the answer that is right in front of you as relates to your career or educational direction.

bcpercy3@gmail.com, or call me at 323-804-5113

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